The mark of excellence is not created by being perfect but by always striving for perfection.  We must be intensely pressing toward the mark, that high calling in Christ Jesus, and in a spirit of unity, seeking after that which is perfect- the holiness of God.


Music is more than a song: it is the foundation of worship of our Holy father. Worship is more than a thought or phrase; it is the very essence of our communication with God, our creator.  A church is much more than a place to visit on Sunday; it is the dwelling place of Jehovah God.  The Word shows us that we are His temple.  Our heavenly father has chosen to make his dwelling within each one of us; therefore we are the church.


In the old testament, the singers and musicians led the children of Israel into battle and ushered them into the worship of God.  Today, through the ministry of music, the Church, the body of Christ, experiences victory in battle and and ushers the church into intimate worship of God.  When taking this into consideration, the singers and musicians of this body have an awesome responsibility.  We are more than just singers and musicians; we are worship leaders.  The passion we demonstrate will inspire the congregation to begin to praise God and enter into worship.  When the body begins to worship in the spirit of unity, the Lord is free to move in a way often manifesting Himself in healing, deliverence, salvation and miracles.


 It is our purpose to proclaim the gospel and the grace of Jesus Christ through anointed singing, expecting God’s Spirit to be evident and present to touch and change lives for His Glory. We are a worship ministry who believes in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.


Please contact us if you would like to be a part of the worship ministry at CP.