There is no story of Crossing Place Fellowship without the Writer’s pen in the hand of God. We were founded by a call for more. This church was Spirit-birthed in Franklin, LA over 34 years ago and has witnessed much advancement for the Kingdom of God. A handful of believers along with the founding pastor, Pastor Jerry Jett, sought for a move of God that would set men ablaze. By God’s grace, we are living out those prophesies even today. We have rejoiced in the victories and, by God’s divine providence, overcome many adversities. We are adamant in the stance that THIS church is HIS church. We don’t ‘do’ church, we ARE the church- His people. Matthew 28 gives us a mandate to make disciples and that is our objective and mission. We seek Him, not experiences. To simply allow God to use broken people to help broken people find THE WAY.



Crossing Place Fellowship exists to lead people into living the full life in Christ. To disciple in a way that equips and empowers them to make godly decisions while navigating through the journey of life.




To GROW in our personal relationship with God, strengthen our families and expand the reach of our church by cultivating a culture of God-conciousness in our community.


To PURSUE God with an infectious passion in our worship, relentlessly seek the unbeliever and possess a life of purpose.


To selflessly SERVE God by being mindful of the needs of others, liberally devoting our time and talents, and generously sharing our resources.


  • Prayer
    • To be a house of Prayer is paramount.
  • Unity
    • To answer the prayer of Jesus to be one.
  • Worship
    • To establish an atmosphere pleasing to the King.
  • Fellowship
    • To know those we labor among and build relationships.
  • Diversity
    • To look and sound like heaven. Celebrating multi-ethnicity and a multicultural representation.
  • Multigenerationalism
    • To be a church representing all ages from young to seasoned adults.
  • Generosity
    • To give freely as we have been given.
  • Community
    • To reach beyond our property line to share the love of Jesus.